Grind That Authority 3.0

Oktober 19, 2008

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Ich habe tatsächlich keinen Führerschein. Wieso sollte ich auch einen machen? Einen Wagen kann ich mir zur Zeit eh nicht leisten, geschweige denn die dazukommenden Kosten wie Benzin, Steuer oder Versicherung. Michael Heilemann ist mit seinen 30 Lenzen einige Jahre älter als ich, aber fängt erst jetzt an seinen Lappen zu machen:

At 6.15 this morning, I had my first driving lesson, which, yes, at the tender age of 30, might seem slightly late in life, especially for you pesky American’s. […]

It was an interesting experience, not least because it was still dark when we started, and rush-hour had set in when we ended. A friend of mine compared it to playing the drums on a track you’ve never heard before, which seems pretty accurate (crutch-ridin’ since ’08, and proud of it!). Though I’ll add that it’s like that, only you’ve also never played the drums before, and you’re doing it in front of an audience of some 50.000 metal fans.

It was a little tense.

But I didn’t cap any cyclists, bump into any cars or accidentally run over any pedestrians (whom I then subsequently sped away from, paying the instructor generously to overlook this minor accident, stopping at a gas station to wipe the blood off the hood, all the while grinning nervously and explaining to passerby’s how the ketchup truck had spilled its load on my hood).

So that was great.

They all look so frail from the inside of the metal monstrum. Those poor meatbags, their meat so tender and their lives hanging capriciously in the balance as I go from one to the other ‘not that one, not that one, not… no, not that one either… That one is good, I’ll take him!’.

Erkenntnisse des Abends

Oktober 7, 2008

  • Wie? AC/DC machen immer noch Musik?
  • Markus Kavka moderiert immer noch MTV?
  • Und es gibt immer noch Menschen, die MTV gucken?

Verchromten Frust ablassen

Oktober 5, 2008

Google Chrome ist für den Arsch! Für! Den! Arsch! Dieser verkackte, unfertige Scheißdreck von einen Browser kann mir gestohlen bleiben, echt jetzt. Da bleib ich lieber bei meinen Firefox.

…und ich weiß nicht wieso.

Och nöööö! Zu kalt!



Guten Morgen!

(Twittern? Niemals!)


Juli 30, 2008

Es ist so heiß, ich kann momentan der Schokolade beim Schmelzen und meiner Haut beim braun werden zusehen. Und wieso müssen Ventilatoren so laut sein?

Gerade gelesen im Wikipedia-Artikel über Googles Claim „Don’t be evil“:

In 2006, when Google declared their self-censorship move into China, their „Don’t be evil“ motto was somewhat replaced with an „evil scale“ balancing systems allowing smaller evils for a greater good, as explained by CEO Eric Schmidt at the time.



However, Elliot Schrage, at the time vice-president of public communications and global affairs, at a testimony hearing before the Committee on International Relations of the U.S. House of Representatives, responded to these accusations with an apology where he claims that it is better for Chinese citizens to have access to some of Google, which can be achieved via partial self-censorship, than to be completely censored anyway by the Chinese government and give no access at all. He goes on to state that „[w]e believe that our current approach to China is consistent with this mantra [‚don’t be evil‘]. Our hope is that our mix of measures, though far from our ideal, would accomplish more for Chinese citizens’ access to information than the alternative.“

Hmpf, auch nicht viel besser.